Sailing Center Vietnam

Yacht Management

Sailing Center Vietnam provides full yacht management.

Yacht management means that all matters related to owning and using a yacht are taken care of by the management company.

So far we are the only yacht management company in Vietnam and we can lean on our extensive knowledge and experience that was gained in The Netherlands, North-Weastern Europe and Vietnam.

Our yacht management services include the matters as listed below.

Contract preparation

When buying a yacht from a yard, it’s very important that a solid and clear contract is made to avoid any discussions or disappointments about delivery.

Therefore we prepare a draft contract that represents favourable conditions for the buyer, specifically with extra attention for the following items:

  • Scope of delivery
  • Payment conditions and procedures
  • Delivery conditions and procedures
  • Relation between payments and manufacturing / delivery
  • Conditions regarding delivery delay
  • Warranty and after sales service

Contract negotiations

After preparation of a draft contract we negotiate with or on behalf of you with the yard to assure that the desired conditions are accepted by the yard.

Also we help you in negotiating a good and reasonable price for the yacht, including additional equipment and/or accessories.

Supervision of planning and construction

During fabrication of the yacht we keep an eye on the construction progress and planning. Delayed delivery is not uncommon in this branch and therefore it’s important to have the construction of the yacht checked to make sure that on time delivery is realized.

Delivery arrangements

For delivery of the yacht at the location of delivery, several arrangements need to be made to make delivery possible in a safe and easy way.

This includes items as open access to sea or river, use of a crane, safe launching conditions and safe conditions for commissioning.


We can arrange and/or assist in safe transportation of the yacht to the delivery location.

Delivery check

Before the yacht is going to be delivered we do a survey at the yard to check if the delivery will take place according to the scope of delivery in the contract.

This means we check if the yacht is built according to the specifications and if all extra ordered equipment is indeed on board.

Besides we check the yacht during delivery to verify if any damages or loss of equipment has happened during transportation or launching.

Commissioning check

At delivery, the yard will commission the yacht, meaning they make the yacht ready to sail.

We will check if the commissioning is complete and verify that all systems are working as they should work.


The yacht will need to be fitted out with extra equipment that is not automatically supplied by the yard. We assist in choosing and supplies of this equipment, such as:

  • Auxiliary Propulsion (outboard engine)
  • Anchoring equipment
  • Safety equipment (according to certification regulations)
  • Mooring gear
  • Navigation and communication equipment


We assist in making an inventory list of essential items that need to be on board. Additionally we can also supply these items, such as items for:

  • Cleaning
  • Storage
  • Provisioning
  • Entertainment / Recreation
  • Comfort

In order to buy and use a yacht in Vietnam, several formalities must be done. We are experienced in these formalities and therefore are able to accomplish these for the buyer (and user) of the yacht.