Sailing Center Vietnam

Charter Management

Apart from private use of the yacht it is profitable to use the yacht for charter. In this way the fixed owners’ costs can be earned back by making profit or at least reduced.

Dependable on the activities of the yacht owner related to charter, we offer a range of services that helps you to organise the charter activity in a professional and efficient way.

We will present your yacht as available for charter and take care of promotion, marketing and sales of the charter trips.

Booking administration and planning

Administration of all bookings for the yacht and planning for the yacht with crew, provisions and special requests.

Booking formalities

In order to execute charter trips, a few formalities need to be carried out:

  • Charter contract between yacht owner and passengers
  • Passenger list, to be stamped by immigration authority
  • Crew book
  • Port clearance
  • Charter conditions


We will make sure the yacht is always provisioned with sufficient amounts of:

  • Fuel
  • Fresh water
  • Food and drinks
  • Cleaning materials
  • Maintenance materials
  • Tools
  • Recreation goods (snorkel, fishing, etc.)

Budget management

For efficient charter management it is desirable that the management company manages a budget for operation of the yacht.

This budget will be determined in consultation with the yacht owner and the yacht owner will always have access to and insight in this budget.

Besides, Sailing Center Vietnam will administrate the use of the budget and expenses and report to the yacht owner on a regular basis.


For regular maintenance a budget based on a percentage of the value of the yacht will be determined. Sailing Center Vietnam can take money from this budget to carry out the necessary maintenance and repairs to keep the yacht ready for operation.


If required, we take care of the complete provisioning of the yacht. Also here it will work efficient if the yacht owner provides a budget from which Sailing Center Vietnam can pay for all costs related to provisioning.